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Talawa Maha Vidyalaya School, Sri Lanka

One of the volunteer groups that have been staying at Inspire Village have been working on creating an 'English Arena' outdoor learning space for a local primary and secondary school. I was lucky enough to have the exciting job of helping to make the finishing touches and to put my 'bricky' skills to use and concrete the step up to the stage. 

Afterwards, we were invited to have a delicious Sri Lankan staff room tea break (honestly the tastiest snacks ever!) and to watch the school teams play their cricket tournament. It was sports week at the school and there are three house teams across the school competing in various tournaments. It was great to watch, first we watched the end of the boy's match and the beginning of the girls'. I have to say the cheering and the support from each house was impressive! Drums, flag runners and singing! The children showed amazing sportsmanship and great skill and we witnessed some sixes and a lot of fours! And some incredible catches! It is fair to say I have now developed a love for cricket. 

Whilst at the school I took the time to have a look at some of the learning spaces they had. As it was sports week, lessons were on hold so I was unable to see any teaching but it was still a great opportunity to be see a school setting. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos! 

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